IoT in South Africa 2017

By BMI-TechKnowledge

As one of the major themes of the new platform economy, IoT has received a lot of attention globally. Analyst firms have weighed in with forecasts and wide-ranging scenarios. This stream provides a TechKnowledge view of the local reality and where early adoption, and ultimately the money, is to be found.

BMI-TechKnowledge analysis suggests that the answer depends a lot on what you count. Much that was previously called M2M is now renamed under the IoT banner. Furthermore, a slew of network operators have started building IoT-ready platforms ahead of the expected market growth.

The links in the IoT value chain are diverse and span different skills from operational and information technology, requiring a combination of engineering and IT solutions. This makes the need for holistic thinking and change management very important.

The loT market in South Africa is certainly hotting up. In the last few months several leading operators have appointed executives in charge of their IoT portfolios, and made important market announcements.

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