Insight Streams

In this stream the focus is on fibre connectivity in all its guises and the trends shaping the future of broadband in South Africa, in both the business (FTTB) and home (FTTH) markets, including competitive dynamics and uptake drivers such as Video on Demand and Cloud Computing.

BMI-TechKnowledge conducts an annual study covering the big government ICT spenders, sizing and trends analysis for the South African national, provincial and local government. The study focuses on the government departments that have big ICT budgets and includes spending trends and big deals which are significantly impacting the socio-economic and political environment in the country, and also analyses the influence of policy shifts and recent procurement initiatives. This insight stream has articles which are based on these reports, and offer a taste of what you will find in the full publications.

As one of the major themes of the new platform economy, IoT has received a lot of attention globally. Analyst firms have weighed in with forecasts and wide-ranging scenarios. This stream provides a TechKnowledge view of the local reality and where early adoption, and ultimately the money, is to be found.

The recent TechKnowledge Digital Innovation Survey yielded fascinating insights into how South African organisations are faring in the digital world. The survey, based on 375 responses, takes a deep dive into all things digital – from the perception of digital marketing within the organisation, the strategic points of focus and areas of investment to the obstacles marketeers are facing in this space.

The survey covered both companies that are involved in consulting in this space (agencies), as well as their customers (brands), and addresses topics such as digital innovation, strategic challenges, risks and key focus areas for 2017.

Digital innovation is impacting businesses in all industries and in numerous functional areas, in some instances transforming the very nature of business itself. The rate of change in this area is so rapid that many organisations are battling to keep up with technological developments that are leading us into what has been referred to as the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

This highly relevant topic is the subject of Citrix’s Digital transformation survey conducted by BMI-TechKnowledge in September 2016, consisting of 329 interviews in 254 companies. The aim was to contrast business and ICT technical perspectives per company, with an eventual 40/60 split between business and ICT technical respondents.

A study on the external environment around the ICT sector in South Africa, and the impact of major economic, political and social trends on the industry.

This stream delves into key strategic issues in the mobile cellular industry and how operators are responding to them, analysis of consumer trends, rollout, applications including mobile financial services; player positioning, MVNOs and over-the-top (OTT) services from hyperscaler players.

Wi-Fi has become a crucial component of the access mix for the always-on, connected soceity. In this stream TechKnowledge considers the evolvling role of Wi-Fi - with a particular focus on public Wi-Fi. Local and international perspectives are provided.

In this stream the focus is on VOD adoption and how this relates to broadband connectivity options as one of the driving factors behind fibre to the home (FTTH) uptake.