Readers and survey participants have the opportunity to earn TechKnowledge Influencer points by engaging with content on the platform, and sharing that content with other interested colleagues and professional connections. Points are accumulated based on the volume and extent of interactions, and at the beginning of each year we will invite the top 25 Influencers to our exclusive Futurecast event. The event will focus on the major happenings and research topics of the year, as well as a forward look to the year ahead.

The top 25 will be named in the event programme, and one Influencer in attendance will win the grand prize on the day.

Influencer points will be awarded for the following actions:

  • Registration - 5 points
  • Completing Profile - 5 points
  • Participating in Surveys - 5-15 points depending on length
  • Sharing Articles & Surveys - 1 point per share per day, and 5 points per new user that logs in through your share.
  • Full Terms and Conditions are found here.